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Welcome to A is For Apple, Inc.  I’m Marilyn Ann Roland, Founder and CEO.

When I started the company, my mission was simple:  I wanted to help very young children with special needs.  “Very young” is important – the younger the child, the more impact you can have on their growth and the family’s dynamics.  Starting therapy early means you can continue to help them grow & thrive as they develop.

This is exactly what we’ve done since 2000.


I am a California licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. I received a Bachelor’s Degree (with honors) in Clinical and Counseling Psychology in 1995 from San Jose State University. In 1999, I received a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, also from San Jose State University.


A is for Apple, Inc.

Out of a passion for psychology and helping children, I founded A is for Apple, Inc. It began as a Speech-Language Pathology practice and later expanded to include Occupational Therapy and ABA Therapy services, allowing for collaboration between the different disciplines.

A is for Apple provides Pediatric Applied Behavior AnalysisSpeech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy to children 0-10 with an emphasis on Early Intervention. Using evidence-based practice, we strive to deliver the best care to children who need help with Behavior Intervention, Social, Emotional, Fine Motor, Gross Motor or Speech-Language delays.

Helping Children Thrive

Today A is For Apple is more than a therapy services provider; we are an extension of the families we serve. Our company serves hundreds of families each week in over 15 languages.

Whether in our safe & friendly clinic or in a Natural Setting such as Home, School or Community, our team of therapists become an extension of the families we serve.

"My hope, is that my family, becomes an extension, of your family, and that together, we can prepare your child for success. My passion is helping children thrive!" — Marilyn Ann Roland

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What Our Clients Say

QuoteYour method of encouraging speech truly works. W.K. entered therapy speaking almost nothing and very frustrated. He now speaks using 3-4 word sentences and is just a chatter box!
-Lisa K.