by Chris Williams | Apr 07, 2015

Walk Now for Autism Speaks is May 16. Join Us!

The 10th annual “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” event is coming up!  The walk begins on Saturday, May 16 at 9 AM, in History Park in San Jose.  Will you join us there?

Walk, Donate, Come Have Fun – and Help Us Further Autism Research

The Autism Speaks Walk helps raise funds for scientific research into the causes, treatments and possible cures for autism.  Autism Speaks also, through its Walks and other events, helps raise awareness about autism’s effects on individuals, families and society.

We are a fervent supporter of their work.

That’s why we’ll have a big turnout:  Walkers participating for the fundraising, a booth in their Resource Fair with a photo booth & bubbles…Gizmo (our teacup Schnauzer) is even putting on his bunny ears!

Bay Area participants have raised over $72,000 so far.  With your help, we can reach $75,000 before the Walk.

We encourage everyone to come out and join us in supporting Autism Speaks!

Donate or register to walk on our “Team Page” here:
Team A is for Apple – Walk Now for Autism Speaks Bay Area

What You’ll Find at the Event

The Walk. Registered team members collect donations before participating in the Walk at History Park. You can donate, register with a team (like ours!), or come cheer the participants.

The Resource Fair. Autism Speaks also puts on a Resource Fair with local service providers & organizations, offering information and fun activities.

A is for Apple’s Resource Fair booth will have our staff giving out information, answering questions, and blowing bubbles with the kids!

How You Can Help

Visit our Booth: Come take photos with your kids, play with bubbles, and meet others in our community.

Donate: We have a Team Goal of $2,500. If you’d like to donate, there’s a “Donate Now” button right on the page. Donations also accepted at our booth.

Join Our Team: Register to join us for the Walk, either on our Team Page or at our booth. Everyone’s welcome to join.

Tell Your Friends: The more people know about the Autism Speaks Walk, the more funds we raise for autism research.

If you are not in the Bay Area on May 16, you can still help out! California hosts 7 Walks for Autism Speaks. Search for the other California Walks on this map:
Search for a Walk – Walk Now for Autism Speaks

About Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is “The world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.”
(From their website)

The organization holds dozens of Walk Now events every year, across the U.S. and Canada. They’re a powerful advocate for families, and everyone at our office is grateful for their hard work.

We hope to see you at History Park in San Jose on May 16!

Please feel free to use our new email to give us feedback about our services.

See you next month!

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Ask A is for Apple

How Can I Improve My Child’s Expressive Communication?

One of the first steps in learning speech is repeating sounds others make.  A child sounds out new words and learns what they mean.  We call this “Echoic Skill”.

There are ways you can improve your child’s echoic skills.  Right now.

Depending on your child’s age and where they’re at with their therapy plan, he/she may not know how to imitate words you speak to them yet.  If not, here is the first thing you can do to help them along.

If your child doesn’t imitate sounds or words yet…
Play a “Sound Game.”  While you engage in a fun activity (playing with their favorite toys, games, tumble play, etc.), imitate any sounds your child makes.  Make it into a fun game with them.  If both of you can make the same sounds back and forth, your child is learning how to imitate!

For 9 more ideas to encourage their speaking requests.

Inside A is for Apple

3 of Our Supervisors Attend CalABA Conference for Continuing Education

From February 19-21, we had 3 of our Program Supervisors attend the CalABA Conference in San Diego.

Website: 33rd Annual Western Regional Conference – CalABA

Our supervisors went not only to represent A is for Apple, but to continue their own education at the Conference.  They attended panel discussions, presentations and conversations with others in the child therapy industry.

Among the topics covered, they learned about:

  1. Building gesture imitations – Reaching, crawling, locating a hidden object
  2. New research on verbal behavior in children
  3. Discussion on which mistakes you see other providers make when they are delivering services to children under 3
    • (Example: Adding programs too quickly when fundamental skills aren’t fully learned)
  4. Methods of conducting assessments, while also building rapport with the child
  5. Priorities to keep in mind when giving parents guidance
  6. And many more!

There was even a surprising study discussed.  The experimenters tested ABA therapy methods with dogs instead of children, to determine just how effective the methods could be.  Results were impressive – the ABA therapy methods helped nervous dogs overcome fears (such as thunder/loud noises) and adopt better behaviors (e.g., stop them running into walls).

It’s an unusual way to verify a therapy technique meant to help children.  But we think it adds independent proof to ABA’s effectiveness!