3 million people stutter in the U.S. About 5% of children will stutter at some point, but three-quarters of them will stop before their teens.

International Stuttering Awareness Day is a day for increasing the world’s awareness about stuttering, and to support those stutterers among us.

What Happens on International Stuttering Awareness Day?

Stuttering organizations celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day with educational outreach, support for research into stuttering, and providing help to those who stutter.

Does your child stutter? Our Speech Therapy services can help them understand and work on stuttering. October 22 is a day to help them realize they’re not alone, and they have help.

How Can I Participate?

Materials are available from the Stuttering Foundation of America. To request materials, or support the Stuttering Foundation, please contact them at info@stutteringhelp.org.

Contact details and more information about the Foundation are at: www.stutteringhelp.org

If you have questions about Stuttering Awareness Day, please talk to your A is for Apple supervisor. Or email us at info@aisforappleinc.com.