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Learning Center: To Help You Understand What We Do & How it Helps

There’s a lot to learn when you have a child with autism.  Insurance procedures, therapy options available, who to talk to about what…

Because you have these questions, we’ve added this Learning Center to the A is For Apple website.  Here you’ll find answers.  Please visit these pages to learn how we help, and what’s involved in therapy for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders:

  1. ABCs of Autism Therapies – Common questions parents have, and their answers.
  2. A is For Apple’s Learning Approach – A detailed explanation of how we approach working with children. We want you to feel comfortable with & confident in our work, even before you walk in the door.
  3. Glossary of Terms – A glossary of the terms used on this website, and other websites related to autism & developmental disabilities.  Not sure what an IEP is?  Or how NET helps children learn?  Go here.

Do you have a question which isn’t covered in these pages?  Ask us!  We will answer the question, and add it to either the ABCs page or create a Feature Article to address it.