Learning Center: To Help You Understand What We Do & How it Helps

There’s a lot to learn when you have a child with developmental delays.  Insurance procedures, therapy options available, who to talk to about what…

Because you have these questions, we’ve added this Learning Center to the A is For Apple website.  Here you’ll find answers.  Please visit these pages to learn how we help, and what’s involved in therapy for developmental disorders:

  1. ABCs of Therapies – Common questions parents have, and their answers.
  2. A is For Apple’s Learning Approach – A detailed explanation of how we approach working with children. We want you to feel comfortable with & confident in our work, even before you walk in the door.
  3. Glossary of Terms – A glossary of the terms used on this website, and other websites related to developmental disabilities.  Not sure what an IEP is?  Or how NET helps children learn?  Go here.

Do you have a question which isn’t covered in these pages?  Ask us!  We will answer the question, and add it to either the ABCs page or create a Feature Article to address it.