Speech-Language Therapy at A is For Apple: Understanding You and Responding Back

Is your child having trouble speaking or understanding your words?

When children with delays try to learn speech, they typically have trouble understanding others, forming words, and communicating ideas.  It’s a difficulty they struggle with—while both they and you get frustrated.

The good news is:  Speech-Language Therapy helps.

Speech-Language Therapy involves motivating, play-based activities in our center to help your child learn while having fun.  Treatment may include helping a child increase their understanding of language and putting words together to communicate ideas.  Additionally, a child may need help with production of sounds, fluency, and addressing pragmatics (social skills).

A is For Apple offers a variety of these speech-language programs, each individualized to every child’s unique needs.  Our staff provides:

  • Assessment of speech and language disorders
  • Speech and language therapy for children and early teens
  • Occupational therapy for children integrated with ongoing education (see our Occupational Therapy page for more)
  • Clinicians who are trained to work with many types of communication disorders and differences.
  • Support groups for parents and family members.
  • In-home speech-language therapy for families, to encourage the child’s continued speech improvements
  • Therapists who are bilingual for English and other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin and Farsi (15 in total).

You as parents are a vital component of the therapy process.  We strongly encourage your participation during on-site sessions.  Plus, you’ll learn language strategies to practice with your child at home.

Every A is For Apple Speech-Language Pathologist holds a Master’s Degree in either Speech Language Pathology or Communication Disorders.  A number are trained in PROMPT, a multidimensional approach to treating speech production disorders.

Finally, to keep our speech-language pathologists informed on the latest speech pathology standards, A is for Apple maintains affiliation with the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

Our goal with speech-language therapy is to give your children the ability to express themselves freely and easily.  You’ll find the therapy sessions helping them to:

  • Correctly pronounce speech sounds
  • Perceive your language correctly and learn how to respond
  • Increase their speaking fluency
  • Increase their social skills in a peer group

Visit our Contact Us page to start your child on the road to understanding you and responding back.